Image of Into the Flame (Darkness Chosen, Book 4)


Image of Into the Flame (Darkness Chosen, Book 4)

The climax of the Darkness Chosen series arrives with all of Dodd's customary sizzling sensuality and dark emotions. A book by Dodd is always worth reading, but here's hoping she ventures into the paranormal again. This is a most satisfying conclusion.

Beloved daughter Firebird Wilder is shocked when DNA testing reveals she's not the biological child of Konstantine and Zorana. While her parents and brothers insist it changes nothing, they can't help but wonder what happened to the child Zorana gave birth to. With her own young son asking about his biological father, Firebird realizes she must find her college love, Doug Black. Firebird loved Doug, but after seeing him change into a cougar she fled, fearing he was a Varinski. Doug has never forgotten Firebird, and he's determined to hunt her down. After a thousand years, the fight against the devil for the souls of the Wilders is about to reach its apex!

(SIGNET, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith