Image of The Flame (The Sons of Destiny, Book 7)


Image of The Flame (The Sons of Destiny, Book 7)

Events are reaching a climax as Johnson delivers the penultimate chapter in her magical Sons of Destiny series. Watching these characters and this new monarchy develop has been pure fun, with practical kingdom-building considerations mixing cleverly with high-risk danger. Johnson's impressive talent is on full display.

As an extremely powerful pyromancer, seventh brother Koranen hasn't been able to have a physical relationship with a woman without literally burning her with passion. His only hope lies in the prophecy about his destined bride being an aquamancer. When it's announced that aquamancers from the underwater city of Menomon want to study the desalinator on Nightfall, Kor is thrilled that four eligible women will make up the team.

Danau is something of a freak in her world; her power is so extreme that she can create frostbite by her touch. Ostracized socially but excellent at her job, she's the team leader, and her prickly demeanor initially drives Kor away, but destiny will not be denied. It may, however, be sabotaged, since evil has also arrived on the island. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Dec., 384 pp., $15.00)
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Jill M. Smith