Image of Flame of Resistance


Image of Flame of Resistance

Groot’s latest release is set to coincide with D-Day, June 6. Based on real people and events, it is clearly historically accurate and well researched, but the large cast of characters makes it hard to track at times and slows the pace for the first part of the book.

American pilot Tom Jaeger is shot down in Normandy and taken in by the Resistance. He becomes a key part in their plan to get information on the Germans and their plans for the Caen Canal Bridge. Brigitte Durand, a prostitute at a Germans-only brothel, passes on information to Tom, since she wants to help the Allies. Their window of opportunity is closing, as the invasion looms. Is the Resistance being foolhardy by placing their faith in a pilot and a prostitute? (TYNDALE, Jun., 416 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee