Terri Schuman is a Chicago paramedic dedicated to her job. Period. By burying herself in her work, she doesn't have to examine her damaged relationship with her father or face her lonely life of few friends and failed relationships with men. As a new Christian, she is barely navigating her way around a relationship with God.

Then Lieutenant Gabe Andrews, a fire fighter from another unit, grabs her attention. He irritates her, intrigues her, and captures her heart. But with him comes a load of baggage—an ex-wife and two kids.

A convergence of crises from every area of life brings Terri to an emotional flash point. John skillfully balances Terri's hard-edged exterior with her inner vulnerability. With originality and grace, John carries off the theme of a dysfunctional parent/child relationship causing dysfunctional adult relationships. (Jul., 325 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson