The characters in the story are very one-dimensional. Kate is defined mostly by the fact that she is still a virgin (something that is mentioned over and over again) and Todd’s only personality trait is that he is a womanizer. But the biggest disappointment in this book is the dialogue, which sometimes rings true but is generally quite boring. Although the sex is hot and plentiful, without interesting characters this story falls flat.

Kate's schoolgirl crush on her friend Todd has matured into very real feelings. Now that she is grown up, Kate is prepared to do whatever it takes to get Todd’s attention. Her only worry is that after he takes her virginity, Todd might leave her — like he did with his past girlfriends.

Although Todd has always thought of Kate more as a younger sister, they share a drunken kiss. Afterwards, Todd struggles to reconcile the adult fantasies he is having about Kate with the memories of his sweet childhood playmate. But when Kate is threatened Todd rushes to the rescue and quickly realizes that his feelings go far beyond friendship. (SAMHAIN PUBLISHING, March 2011, dl. $3.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne