Rachel Everly is crushed by her sister's suicide. In recent years, Mallory had distanced herself from her adoptive family, and no one knew why. Despite everyone's attempts to help her, she'd fallen into a hard life of drugs and pros-titution. Now Rachel has returned to Neptune's Landing to discover why Mallory's life spun out of control and ended in tragedy.

Her accusing gaze falls on Kyle Scanlon, a mechanic who shared a mysterious connection to Mallory. Rachel believes he ruined her sister, but further investigation reveals many of the men in this coastal town are hiding secrets.
Mallory's secrets could destroy lives, but Rachel feels duty-bound to uncover the ugliness, despite any danger to
her own well-being. Fortunately, the
man she first thought heinous is
actually a hero.

Work your way through the rough beginning and this book will deliver. Early on, it suffers from too much internal exposition, instead of getting to
the action, and the hero doesn't make
a flattering first impression. But once
you push through the setup and secrets start trickling out, you'll be enthralled
by this skilled mystery and steely, smart heroine. (Sep., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Clark