Lawrence Decker and Jimmy "Diego" Nash are career CIA agents, until a rendezvous turns bad because they don't get proper agency support. Both call it quits and are recruited by Troubleshooters Inc., a company formed by ex-SEAL team leader Tom Paoletti.

Decker and Nash aren't the only former CIA agents to be recruited; computer expert Tess Bailey also joins the team. For love-'em-and-leave-'em Jimmy, she poses a problem, as feelings from their brief relationship linger close to the surface.

All reservations have to be put aside when a critical assignment is handed to them. There's been a major earthquake in repressive Kazbekistan, and the CIA has evidence that al-Qaeda operative Ma'awiya Talal Sayid was killed during the quake. But his laptop, which could contain vital information, is missing. Decker, Nash, Tess and their team go in posing as relief workers. With a regime as corrupt and repressive as the one in Kazbekistan, no one is safe.

Powerhouse author Brockmann opens up a new chapter in the exploits of SEAL Team 16. Creating Troubleshooters Inc. opens the door to whole new vistas for her to explore. (Apr., 380 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith