Image of Flashpoint


Image of Flashpoint
Flashpoint (3), by Jill Shalvis, kicks off a series about firefighters and EMTs in a California beach town. Brooke O'Brien is accustomed to moving on and never settling down. Her grandmother has left her a house, which she plans to sell, but she starts thinking about where she really belongs. Like Brooke, firefighter Zach Thomas also doesn't get too attached to people, especially women. His parents were killed in a fire when he was 12, and now he's sure a series of fires is arson and risks his career by investigating. Can two people who don't do forever learn to trust? Although exciting and with a strong continuing plot, this book has so many characters it's initially confusing. They are, however, all attractive and sympathetic, and this should be an enjoyable series to follow.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor