Heroine Flavia starts out rather innocent considering the fact that she has been married before. However, she quickly casts off her naiveté after beginning her affair with Harland. During the day, the two experiment to create new steam-powered tools and by night Steampunk toys are brought into the bedroom including corsets designed to enhance love play with a bit of bondage. Flavia and Harland are well matched, but readers may wish that the novella were a bit longer so that the characters could be more fully developed.

Someone has stolen Flavia Winter’s latest experiment and she thinks she knows just the scientist to blame. Even though she has not seen Dr. Harland Gennaro since she was 16, Flavia boldly travels to his island to recover her property. Harland is shocked by the woman before him. As a teenager Flavia was too young to share his passion, both in and out of the laboratory, but now she is a woman and there is nothing keeping him from claiming her. Harland just needs to convince Flavia that he is not the one who took her groundbreaking experiment and that they should work together to find the culprit. However, work becomes a bit of an afterthought when a fierce attraction ignites between these two like-minded people. (Samhain, November 2010, dl. $3.50) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne