Ex-CIA operative Lacey Galloway struggles against an unseen enemy who wants to steal encryption technology she's developed. Suspected in her spy husband's murder years ago, she is framed again for the murder of a government employee. Worse, her young daughter has been kidnapped.

Convinced that she's wandered too far from God to receive his help, she turns to the last man she ever wanted to involve—her ex-boyfriend, who was also her husband's best friend, Jim Micah. Jim would rather turn Lacey in than help her, but a child's life is on the line. For the sake of justice, he uses his Special Forces training to hunt for the child and keep tabs on Lacey. If only he could cut her out of his heart as well…

Warren's pace is relentless in this first installment of the Team Hope series. Her characters are engaging and her plot tight. The only disappointment is the clichéd "bragging villain" scenario at the end. (Mar., 300 pp., $9.97)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson