Image of In The Flesh (Sapphire, Book 1)


Image of In The Flesh (Sapphire, Book 1)

Dare, aka Sylvia Day,
has written a fresh new series that's both historical and futuristic, erotic and action-filled. Sapphire and Wulf are the perfect couple: intelligent, strong-willed and sensual. The sexual passion between this pair is so explosive that it'll melt the pages. This book will make you an instant fan.

The king of Sari's favorite concubine, Sapphire, has been officially retired from service. That doesn't mean Crown Prince Wulfric of rival country D'Ashier won't do everything in his power to make the beauty, and daughter of his enemy, his. But neither expects the all-consuming passion that ignites between them every time they're together. It's an impossible situation for two high-profile people in warring countries, but how can they deny their hearts? (ZEBRA, Jun., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March