Ten years ago, JoJo Summers and Randy Briggs shared a passionate weekend fling. But both were suffering from relationships gone bad, and while Randy knew that she was the one for him, JoJo was too emotionally damaged to respond.

Fate throws them together a decade later when Randys sister becomes engaged to JoJos brother. Over the years, JoJo has built an empire of fitness clubs, while Randy has pursued his dream of buying and restoring old homes. Between projects, Randy accepts the invitation to stay at his sisters and brother-in-laws house.

JoJo is horrified to find that her brothers guest is her mystery lover. Life has dealt JoJo such severe emotional blows that she has iced herself over to protect herself from further damage. Her strategy may have worked too well; is she even capable of feeling love anymore?

In FLESH & BLOOD, Karen Wiesner vividly explores the emotional scars of a deeply troubled and slightly unsympathetic woman. (Aug., www.hardshell.com, dl $3.50, dk $5.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith