Det. Frank Harriman joined the Las Piernas Police Force 10 years after the scandalous Lefebvre case, when Det. Philip Lefebvre allegedly took a bribe to kill Seth Randolph, the only witness to murders committed by crime boss Whitey Dane. Ironically, Lefebvre had originally saved Seths life and was standing guard at his hospital room. But when Seth is found dead, and both Lefebvre and a lot of money disappear, everyone assumes hes guilty.

Ten years later, the wreckage of Lefebvres private plane is found in the mountains, and Frank is given the case. When they find the body but no money, Frank wonders what really happened. His quest for the truth makes him unpopular with his fellow officers, but Frank is determined to find out if Lefebvre was a bad cop or the scapegoat in a deadly and ongoing plot.

Award-winning author Jan Burke offers readers a new aspect of her marvelous series featuring reporter Irene Kelly and her husband Frank Harriman. FLIGHT is truly Franks book and it is remarkableso emotional and gripping you wont be able to put it down. (Mar., 384 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith