A group of four Angles face slavery in Rome. Sixteen-year-old Hengist, the oldest and descendent of Anglo and Saxon princes, is their leader. He rashly promises to free them all, then immediately faces a beating for his defiance.

Lovely Welsh girl Elowyn mistakes the word Angle for angel and throws herself across the beautiful Hengist to save him from harm. Elowyn lives in Rome with her influential father.

Three of the "Angels" are purchased to work in Elowyn's home. She wins the rebellious Hengist's heart and helps him plan his group's escape. But on the day they leave, circumstances convince Hengist that Elowyn has betrayed them and he leaves for England without her. When the young lovers meet again, Elowyn leads a band of Welshmen, enemies of Hengist and he takes her captive.

A promising writer offers a charming story of young love and a rare look at English history during a formative time of upheaval and notable heroism. SWEET (Dec., 325 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger