The wedding was a complete and unmitigated disaster. Kate Prescott is furious, watching her beloved cousin Patti get stood up at the altar. After the death of Kate's parents, her uncle Albert and aunt Connie raised Kate so she feels a special connection with Patti.

Uncle Albert asks Kate to take his daughter to Hawaii for a much needed getaway. On the flight to Maui, Patti and Kate meet former show girl Cherry Jubilee. A friendship is struck and the three decide to band together and have a fabulous time.

After years of hard work, Jack McKenna expects his father, James, to turn the Kalani Resort Hotel and Spa over to him. But James has one more hurdle for Jack to overcome before that happens. To ensure that Jack understands both the people and the business, he insists that Jack work undercover from the bottom up for the next two weeks.

When Kate meets bartender Jack on a moonlit beach, sparks fly. Each is wary of getting involved, and with Jack keeping major secrets, things don't look promising for a long-term commitment coming out of this hot and heavy fling.

Learning to recognize the good ones is one of the themes of this warmhearted and delightful book. The sincerity of the relationships between all the characters makes this novel a very special treat. (Sep., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith