Grandma Minnerva Daltry is famous for the labors she assigns her grandchildren on their twentieth birthdays. Venus Daltry, the fourth grandchild to reach this date, is not at all prepared for what grandmother has in mind.

Known far and wide for her great beauty, Venus is accustomed to being surrounded by her beaus and with their flowery words and copious gifts. Nothing could be further from what she's used to than being assigned the task of accompanying a dime novelist to Nevada, and assisting him in his work. And it only gets worse when she meets the handsome writer and discovers that he's blind.

Sanford "Buck" Buchanan needs someone to take over working with him when his uncle informs him he's taking a vacation. Expecting a young man eager for adventure, Buck is shocked to be traveling horseback with a woman in a corset and bustle, spraying her horse with perfume to get rid of "that smell."

The two travel together, working and learning, while unbeknownst to them, they are followed by a quirky character anxious to meet the legendary Buck Buchanan and become a hero in one of the author's books.

Ms. Nelson has created wonderfully different characters in her debut book, giving them many fun and heart-warming situations to make this an enjoyable addition to the Sons & Daughters series. SWEET (Dec., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson