Years after her mother abandoned her and her father, Sydney Morris finds she's inherited her mother's women's novelty store, Flirt. She didn't expect the neighbors to throw her a welcome party, and she certainly doesn't anticipate the likes of restaurant owner Drew Crawford. With his intimidating, sexy manner, Sydney's not quite sure how to handle him. When Drew helps her out of a jam, the two come to a temporary truce. Will they make the necessary sacrifices for their relationship to work?

With awkward dialogue and a lack of details and excitement, Flirt is a struggle to read. Factors such as the set-up of a scene, which typically adds color to a story, appear to be missing in Green's latest endeavor.

Additionally, there is little romance between Sydney and Drew, though not for lack of chemistry. Sydney and Drew don't have much interaction until the latter portion of the novel, making their relationship seem forced and unbelievable. (Oct., 250 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton