You have never met a romance hero quite like Sean Owens. This fascinating man is smart, strong, dedicated and he also struggles with a severe speech disorder. Crafting a heroine to match this incredible character must have been a challenge, but Knox doesn’t disappoint. Katie is open, honest and just plain lovable. The spark between these two is electrifying. Add to that the author’s trademark one-liners and laugh-out-loud dialogue and contemporary romance doesn’t get any better than this!

High school was a long time ago, but Sean Owens has never gotten over his crush on Katie Clark. He also hasn’t shaken the inexplicable anxiety he feels when he is around her, which causes him to stutter. When Sean and Katie’s boss puts them together to meet a new client, Sean refuses to talk around Katie. After all, she can’t pity him if she doesn’t know about his disorder. But Katie isn’t the kind of person you ignore. Determined to have some fun after a devastating divorce, she is ready for an adventure, and Sean is the person she wants along for the ride. (ROMANCEATRANDOM.COM/LOVESWEPT, dl. $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Morgan Doremus