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by Jane Porter

Genre: Mainstream, Chick lit

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Jacqueline's 40th birthday is looming, and life couldn't be more complicated. Divorced and trying to keep it together for her children, she can't shake deep-seated feelings of loneliness. Given a trip to Hawaii as a birthday gift by a close friend, she finds herself alone again when her friend cancels at the
last minute.

While in paradise, Jackie meets Kai,
a younger surf instructor who helps her shed her insecurities and makes her want to live for herself. After spending her last night in Hawaii with Kai, Jackie has a tough time leaving him behind. Making several visits back to visit him, she faces harsh judgments from her friends and her patronizing ex-husband.

This is an interesting coming-of-age story featuring a lonesome mother of two. It asks the questions, how much should we risk to find happiness, and
is happiness even achievable in the
long run? Reflections and repetitive observations threaten to bog down the plot, but Porter's characters save the day with true-to-life dialogue and, more important, true-to-life feelings. (Jul., 356
pp., $12.95)

Reviewed By: Lauren Spielberg

Publisher: 5 Spot

Published: July 2006

Reader Rating

4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
(1 ratings)

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Flirting with Forty - Jane Porter

Submitted by Robin in PA on April 26, 2010 - 11:35pm.

Jackie Laurens just got divorced and she's turning forty. A friend talks her into a trip to Hawaii, then backs out at the last minute. So, Jackie is alone in Paradise, wondering what she'll do with herself, when she meets Kai, her gorgeous, much younger surf instructor. The between them is instant, and Jackie has a much-needed vacation fling with a younger guy.

Back home in Seattle, things aren't going so well. Jackie is struggling with being a single parent, and is lonely. She decides to visit Kai for another long weekend. Even though her friends don't approve of the relationship, Kai is what is making her happy.

I rarely read chick lit and don't know what to think of this book. It definitely kept me interested. I thought Jackie sometimes whined a little too much about being too old or about not taking chances, but her character developed throughout the story into a woman who knew what she wanted with her life. Even though I loved Kai, I wish we could have seen more character development. I think the fact that the story is told in the first person point-of-view kept us from knowing what Kai's thoughts. Or, maybe the author wanted to keep him dark and mysterious. My rating: 4 Stars.