FLIRTING WITH THE SOCIETY DOCTOR by Janice Lynn (3): Doctor Vale Wakefield has money, women, success and everything else he wants. So he is shocked when Faith Fogarty, a neurologist that works at his practice, refuses to accompany him to his cousin’s wedding. But Vale isn’t romantically interested in Faith — he chooses her so they can continue their work while on vacation. For her part, Faith hates weddings — her mother has had so many that Faith can’t think they are anything but a farce. To top this off, the last thing Faith wants is to spend any more time with the luscious doctor who thinks of her only as a colleague and not a potential lover. Eventually Faith relents and agrees to travel with Vale to the ceremony. On the trip, the two have an unexpected, although memorable, affair. Upon their return, immediate problems crop up at work, as the two stubborn people can’t seem to iron out the more intimate aspects of their evolving relationship. Despite Vale’s incredibly arrogant behavior, there is something charming about the man. Thankfully for the reader, Faith is able to take him down a peg or two making Vale a tolerable hero. While Faith’s interactions with Vale can be tense and uncomfortable, the extended Wakefield family is a treat to read about. The way that Faith, a loner, is taken under the family’s collective wing is a wonderful addition to the story. 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne