Lane’s fifth Deep in the Heart of Texas story is complete success, blending humor, innovative characters and a wonderfully quirky town with an unlikely and touching love story. Her insight and humor are pitch-perfect, making the sizzling chemistry between her leading couple a constant surprise and a delight. Though newcomers may feel at something of a disadvantage with some of the recurring plotlines and characters, the misadventures and romance of Jenna and Beau are utterly engaging regardless.

Beauregard Cates left Texas for New York, hoping to outrun memories of his past and sow a few wild oats. He doesn’t expect to get roped into locating a fellow Texan. Jenna Jay Scroggs left her hometown of Bramble, and her parents’ disapproval, to move to New York and fight injustice in all its forms. But when she ends up in a runaway Central Park carriage with Beau, she begins to pine for Texas again — or at least one Texan. Soon she and Beau will learn just how far the residents of Bramble are willing to go to get them back. (FOREVER, Aug., 368 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown