Image of Flood Zone (Love Inspired Suspense\Stormswept)


Image of Flood Zone (Love Inspired Suspense\Stormswept)
FLOOD ZONE (3) by Dana Mentink: After her friend Cora is murdered, single mother Mia Sandoval becomes a suspect. It’s soon apparent that Cora had information for Mia and someone wanted it kept secret. Mia’s only hope to clear her name is search-and-rescue worker Dallas Black, but his troublesome past makes her wonder if she can trust him. Her ex has many enemies, and Dallas must work to keep Mia and her daughter safe. Tension rises as the town floods, Mia’s child is kidnapped and the dead bodies mount. Even though the reader may be able to guess who is involved by the end, it is still a fun ride and the pace is active in this last installment of the Stormswept series.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee