Image of Flora's Wish (The Secret Lives of Will Tucker)


Image of Flora's Wish (The Secret Lives of Will Tucker)

Y’Barbo writes complete worlds into her books. Readers gladly visit
places and people, witness characters’ predicaments and never want to leave. Filled with faith, fun and love, her characters are true to life and the reason you’ll eagerly await the other books in this promising Secret Lives of William Tucker series.

Flora Brimm has high hopes when she arrives in Eureka Springs to meet her fiancé, railroad man William Tucker. Finally she will be married and perhaps produce an heir and thus hold on to the family estate. Flora has a bad track record with fiancés; four of them died before the wedding took place, earning her the name “Fatal Flora.” She’s accompanied by her grandmother, but Flora’s highspirited ways get her in trouble. Pinkerton detective Lucas McMinn suspects that Flora is in cahoots with William Tucker, the man he’s hunting down for breaking his sister’s heart. It’s an interesting journey to see if she — and McMinn — finally get their man. (HARVEST HOUSE, Feb., 352 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin