Image of The Flower Reader


Image of The Flower Reader

Loupas demonstrates how meticulous research and lush details make for a fascinating novel, drawing readers into the court and life of Mary, Queen of Scots, through the eyes of a young woman whose ability to divine the future through flowers leads her to danger and love. The mystery and treachery of the era, and the political struggles, are all wonderfully portrayed.

Rinette Leslie of Granmuir’s gift for reading the future sends her to the queen’s court. On her deathbed the queen regent places a silver casket in Rinette’s hands, entrusting her to hold it for Mary upon her return to Scotland. The casket holds secrets Mary will need to rule Scotland, as well as several of Nostradamus’ prophecies. Rinette keeps the box safe but, to please her husband, she opens the casket — and unleashes tragedy: his death on the day Mary returns. Rinette holds the casket hostage until her husband’s murder is avenged. Her life no longer her own, Rinette marries a man she despises and leaves the one man she can trust — until the day the queen is in trouble and only the flower reader can uncover the truth. (NAL, Apr., 414 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin