Image of Flowers On Main (Chesapeake Shores)


Image of Flowers On Main (Chesapeake Shores)

Woods' myriad conflicts are quite interesting, and Bree is definitely sympathetic. The mystery is how an obviously intelligent woman like her could have such terrible luck with men -- her mentor is a boor, and Jake's not much better. He is redeemed, but it seems to take forever.

Six years ago, playwright Bree O'Brien left Chesapeake Shores -- and nursery owner Jake Collins -- behind. Now Bree's having a crisis. Her relationship with her lover/mentor is on the rocks, and her belief in her own talent has been badly shaken. Returning home seems just the thing. While she's in Chesapeake Shores, Bree decides to open a flower shop. Starting the business puts her in Jake's orbit and forces her to think about the past. Jake's forgiveness isn't easy to gain, but Bree soon finds she wants it, very much. (MIRA, May, 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer