Kayla Perrin reacquaints her readers with the Jordan family. This time we meet handsome attorney Khamil Jordan and fashion model Monique Savard.

Khamil meets Monique at a charity fashion show and vows to get to know her better. Monique wants nothing to do with the smooth and shallow playboyuntil she learns that her assessment of him should be made based on his actions and not on the actions of her philandering ex-boyfriend.

Monique also struggles with her desire to find her mothers killer. The idea that someone out there has escaped the law for sixteen years, overcomes her sensibility. As Monique seeks clues to her mothers murder her own life becomes endangered.

Khamil breaks through Moniques reserve and wins her trustjust in time to keep her from being the killers next victim. As with Khamils brother Javars story, the killer is a surprise and one who is closer to the intended victim than this reader guessed.

Romance, intrigue and plenty of mystery, none overpowering the other, is Ms. Perrins gift and Flirting With Danger is her latest gem. (Aug., 256 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims