Fourteen years ago, Eve Danaher lost custody of her daughter Victoria when the childs father had her declared an unfit mother. Prevented from approaching her daughter, Eve waits until Victoria is 18 before re-establishing contact. Unfortunately, the meeting is a disaster, and needing an escape, Eve calls for reservations at Castle Kilrain.

Retired steeplechase champion Michael Halloran already has more problems than he needs. Michael and his friend Sean run Glenammura Farm, where the horses provide therapy for injured children. Michaels biggest problem is 17-year-old Rory, whose alcoholic parents are once again trying to gain custody. In Michaels care, Rory is starting to release some of his anger. Rory and the beautiful but dangerous horse Innisfree have formed a special bond.

Unfortunately, Eve forces herself into this custody battle and lets her emotional reaction blind her to the truth. Can she repair the damage she has unwittingly wrought? Fate has another card to play, as Victoria and her father have also decided to spend the summer in Ireland.

Kimberly Cates proves that her stories are just as riveting and unforgettable in a contemporary setting as they are in a historical one. Ms. Cates is one exceptional storyteller! (Jul., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith