Inheriting the ability to read dreams from her father, Jennifer Rose Elkheart and her twin sister, Juliette Star, are on their vision quests. Jennifer journeys to England as Juliette travels to Scotland.

From England she will go on to Constantinople where visions have told her she'll meet the man of her dreams. Thus when she meets the dashing and alluring Duke of Eagleston in England, she puts aside her interest in him.

Thorne Blakesford, Duke of Eagleston, is a British secret agent. Everyone believes he thrives on luxury and boredom when in fact he uses his interest in history as the reason for his travels to exotic locales, collecting artifacts as a cover for his intelligence work.

When he meets Jennifer, Thorne longs to reveal his true self, but he cannot take the risk of exposure.

Jennifer takes London by storm, making it a point to ignore Thorne. When Jenny leaves, Thorne is right behind her. His sole intent is to prove to the minx that he is the only man for her, despite what she thinks about following a vision to Constantinople.

FLY WITH THE EAGLE is a heady mixture of love and laughter. This witty and charming tale will leave you laughing out loud and sighing with pleasure. Readers will eagerly await the tale of Juliette's adventures. SENSUAL (July, 371 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox