For the third time, Sofia Cardinella doesnt show up for her wedding to poor Vincent Scalia. The problem is that Sofia has told her father Joseph Cardinella that she has no intention of marrying Vincent. Joseph is pushing for the marriage as he wants to cement the relationship between their two mafia families. This time, instead of walking down the aisle, Sofia is in the mall watching a handsome singer named Ben Estes do his Frank Sinatra homage. Sofia is attracted to Ben, not only because of his appearance, but because she knows her father will hate him.

But Ben and Sofia dont expect Joseph to go so far as to order his two henchmen Fat Larry and Little Bo to rub out Ben. Though they are the two most inept Mafia henchmen around, Sofia and Ben decide discretion is the better part of valor. Sofia has won a trip to California, so she and Ben decide to leave the state until her father cools off. When Fat Larry and Little Bo follow, more madcap mayhem ensues.

A talented and creative new voice has just joined the romance genre. This debut novel by author Kylie Adams is a funny, sexy and slightly off-the-wall treat. Keep your eyes on Ms. Adams! (May, 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith