Image of Flyaway


Image of Flyaway

This is an amazing tale of friendship, family, growing up and most importantly swans. Although some might find this book complicated to follow at the beginning, readers will be pleasantly surprised by how everything works out in the end. Isla is a charming, friendly and creative person who surrounds herself with people she enjoys and loves. In all, this is a story that will completely warm your heart, and make you think about the people you love.

There is nothing Isla and her father love more than watching swans together. But when Isla's father begins having health issues, she is beside herself with worry. And that's not the only thing wrong. Isla realizes that the swans she and her father usually watch are unable to come to their normal spot. Things look bad until Isla meets Harry, who shows her how to be happy even when bad things are happening. When Isla finds a struggling and lost swan she makes it her job to help it in order to make her father happy. Together, she and Harry try to help the bird learn to fly and find its flock. (SCHOLASTIC, October 2011, HC, 336 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 0545317711, Age 10 & Up)

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Daphne Gold