Image of Fool Me Twice


Image of Fool Me Twice

Engrossing and unexpected, this may be Duran’s finest novel yet. With humor, pathos and joy, Duran has crafted a battle-of-wills romance not easily forgotten. The strong and well-drawn characters play out their story against a dark backdrop. Readers will effortlessly navigate the quick-paced, twisting and turning plot. Here’s one you won’t put down!

After his wife’s ruthless betrayal and scandalous death, Alastair de Grey, Duke of Marwick, hides himself away in his rooms. But then an on-the-run Olivia Holladay arrives as temporary housekeeper. While others cower, Olivia dares Alastair to face the world. He finds her impertinent, but his interest in her shocks him out of his depression. Olivia pushes him and he pushes back, causing sparks to fly. Alastair joins her to find a killer and to weigh the importance of love over revenge. (POCKET, Apr., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin