In the aftermath of a job-related tragedy, Sheriff Tyler "Brax" Braxton answers his sister's call for help. Maggie and Carl Felman have been fairly happy for 10 years, but the dire e-mail Brax receives from Maggie has him driving out to Goldstone, Nevada, in a hurry.

Mediating between battling spouses is not Brax's strong suit, but he gives it a try. While Goldstone has little in the way of amenities, it does contain a large number of eccentric individuals--the most interesting being Simone Chandler, who runs an Internet fantasy/erotica website.

As Brax tries to discover if his brother-in-law is cheating, Simone tries to protect at least one of Carl's secrets. For such a small town, there are a surprising number of secrets floating around. One even leads to murder.

Put up your feet and settle down as the talented Skully explores a unique town filled with genuine characters and oddball behavior. The dynamics of this tale make for plenty of great human drama and passion. (Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith