The final Stryker sibling’s romance has arrived in this feel-good holiday gem. Family dynamics can be complicated, and being the family “afterthought” has meant years of emotional pain for dancer Evie Stryker. Superbly talented Mallery pulls together a warmth-filled tale of forgiveness, love and second chances that is bound to lift your spirits!

An injury has ended the professional cheerleading career of dancer Evie Stryker. Estranged from her family since she was a teen, Evie is shocked to find herself bundled out of the hospital and brought to Fool’s Gold by her mother and three brothers. As she recovers, Evie starts working at the local dance studio. However, when the head teacher decamps for love, Evie is left to try and manage the huge annual production of The Dance of the Winter King.


Attorney Dante Jefferson is getting used to working in Fool’s Gold since his business partner Rafe Stryker moved the business. However, the pounding of little feet above his office is a tad annoying. What is really distracting is the attraction Dante feels for his partner’s little sister. Christmas is a time of magic; can it heal long-standing emotional wounds? (HQN, Oct., 320 pp., $16.95) 

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith