In a harrowing bout of post-partum depression, Justine Taylor gives her newborn daughter up for adoption. By the time she comes to her senses, its too late to reverse her decision. Relying on her own resources, Justine tracks down the adoptive couple, only to learn theyve divorced and her child is now in a single-parent home with famous journalist Duncan Banks as the dadand hes looking for a nanny.

Duncan is stunned by the beauty, charm and culture of the latest applicant for the nanny position. He wonders why someone with her credentials is applying for a position as a glorified babysitter when she could have a much higher-paying professional position. But he hires her, knowing he wont find a better nanny anywhere.

His daughter seems to adore Justine on the spot. As he comes to know Justine better, he realizes two things: one, Justine is the woman for him; and two, she has more hidden facets than the Hope Diamond. Until he can solve her mystery, Duncan refuses to commit to marriage. Yet he cant help wondering if the truth will destroy all theyve come to mean to each other.

Ms Forster has written a complex, layered drama draped in suspense and romance while giving an incredibly juicy view of Washington D.C.s politics, society and scintillating secrets. (Oct., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson