In this pleasant, fairly lighthearted romance, Millie's actions around Joe come across as exceptionally realistic, and though she starts the story as a fairly immature young woman, she develops quite nicely. Included are
a number of interesting secondary
characters as well as the apparently prerequisite gay pals.

In high school, Millie had such a crush on Joe that she stalked him. Now, nearing 30 and back home as a bona-fide doctor, she vows to become Joe-worthy. Joe embodies physical perfection, while Millie is basically plain and ordinary.

Being back home also brings her into close contact with Sam -- sweet, wonderful Sam -- her sister's ex-husband and the father of her treasured nephew. Once Millie gets Joe, she realizes that reality doesn't always live up to fantasy and that love is no respecter of persons or their relationships. Now if she could only figure out what to do about it. (HQN, Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley