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Image of Forbidden


Image of Forbidden

Brilliantly creative Frank enhances and expands her Nightwalker universe by introducing a previously unknown race: the Bodywalkers. Members of this new race form symbiotic relationships with dying individuals, and as both minds remain, they form a unique union. This launch book of her new spin-off series allows Frank to set up the players and the longstanding war that divides them. And as this is a Frank book, readers are guaranteed plenty of action, dynamic characters and sizzling sensuality.

On her way to work one morning, Docia Waverley is deliberately shoved off a bridge into the icy waters below. As she begins to die, Docia’s soul enters the ether and she is given a choice: She can return to life, but only if she agrees to share her body and mind with the Egyptian female she encounters in the ether. Docia accedes, and she miraculously recovers, thrilling her cop brother, Jackson, to no end. But Docia is still under attack — and she’s saved by a mysterious man named Ram, who calls her his queen. Ram has been waiting for the return of his king and queen, as the war between the Politic and the Templars rages on. Can Docia adapt to her new destiny? (BALLANTINE, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith