An evil wizard has stolen the Starlight Crescent that protects the planet of Tonapa, and it is up to Zareen, a warrior Verbot Virgin, to retrieve it. The Crescent is hidden in a tower on an island inside the mysterious Temple of Time, and Zareen can rely only on what she brings with her to get her through the adventure. If she accepts anything tangible once she's in the Temple, she can never leave.

Among the obstacles Zareen faces are difficult, changing terrains and deadly creatures. She is also tempted by a powerful mage who wants to trick her into giving up her vows of chastity.

When she meets up with Merl, who has just wrapped up a quest of his own, the two join forces. Before long, Zareen finds herself torn between saving her planet and experiencing the joys of physical intimacy with Merl.

While written as the first in a series, Forbidden stands alone as a complete story. Although not nearly as grand as some epic quests, Toombs' novel is a tale that satisfies, with rich descriptive passages and a heroine with a lot of spirit. (dl $3.50, dk $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice