Image of Forbidden Embers: A Dragon's Heat Novel


Image of Forbidden Embers: A Dragon's Heat Novel

In the third book of the Dragon’s Heat series featuring shapeshifting dragons, Adams scorches the pages with brawny alpha males and a virginal heroine. The stilted dialogue with characters and jokes that fall flat will leave many readers wanting more.

Desperate to save his people from deadly biological warfare, Logan Kelly must infiltrate the Wyvermoon clan by posing as a rogue shapeshifting dragon. Logan’s plan is simple: Destroy the Wyvermoons and find a cure for the deadly virus. Then he falls for Cecily Fournier. She’s fighting for her rightful place as leader of Wyvermoons after the death of her father. Their desire for each other is instantaneous. As it becomes clear that Cecily is Logan’s destined mate, he must make tough choices. Because in saving his clan, he may lose the only woman he will ever love. (HEAT, Oct., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison