Image of Forbidden Falls (A Virgin River Novel)


Image of Forbidden Falls (A Virgin River Novel)

A wonderful addition to the Virgin River series, this story has everything: a courageous, outspoken heroine; a to-die-for hero; and a plot that will touch readers' hearts on several different levels.
Truly excellent.

Relocating to Virgin River is Rev. Noah Kincaid's first step toward a life without his late wife. He plans to spend an unexpected inheritance refurbishing the town's derelict church, which he purchased on eBay. Noah's number one task: hiring an assistant.

Ellie Baldwin, a former exotic dancer -- is completely unsuitable for the job. But Noah hires Ellie, a young mother who's trying to regain custody of her children, and doesn't regret it. She's a hard worker and makes him laugh, which hasn't happened much since Noah's been widowed. Falling in love isn't on Noah's to-do list, and neither is getting involved in Ellie's problems with her ex, but somehow, it happens all the same -- and he doesn't regret that either. (MIRA, Jan., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer