Image of Forbidden Fruit


Image of Forbidden Fruit

With a startlingly sultry couple and a pair of secondary characters engaging in BDSM-like behavior, Bradley delivers the goods. There is intense intimacy and heart-wrenching emotions. The sexual energy between the main couple is off the charts, and the edgy passion between the secondary characters is also scorching, making them a wonderful complement to the story. This is delicious and delightful from the first page until the conclusion.

Alternative sexuality professor Mia Rose Curry has a hard-and-fast rule: never get involved with her students. When Jagger James enters her life, however, her willpower takes an abrupt nose dive and she explores private fantasies with the deliciously sensual alpha male. The former chef and food fetishist have a savory feast of edible delights and silken flesh. After a precarious childhood, Mia's afraid of trusting the possibility of stability now. Does she place her hope in the man who could make her dreams come true? (Delta, Oct., 288 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March