Desperate for acceptance by her male peers and to set aside the rumors that she copies her late husbands work, botanical artist Anne Sherwood accepts Lord Connocks offer to draw a very special tree grown from seeds brought back by traveling naturalist Michael McEvoy.

Anne goes to Ireland where she meets Michael and is surprised by her immediate attraction to him. Michael also senses a kindred spirit in Anne. They are both able to feel and understand plants and they begin to believe there is something strange about Connocks garden.

Working together, Michael and Anne fall in love, unaware of the malevolence and the very essence of evil that shrouds the gardena ruthless and savage power so strong it will kill them if they ever uncover the truth about the garden.

Exciting, inventive, spellbinding; Tracy Fobes once more ventures out of the ordinary in THE FORBIDDEN GARDEN. The added presence of Darwin and Huxley as characters provides a strong sense of the historical backdrop, as does Annes need to be accepted in a male-dominated world. To this, add a touch of the paranormal and you have a book to truly savor. SENSUAL (Mar., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin