Though in mourning for her mother, proper vicars daughter Emily Fairchild attends a masquerade ball dressed in black as companion to her dearest friend, Sophie. But it is Emily who ends up in notorious rake Lord Blackmores carriage, where the incorrigible rogue steals a kiss from her.

Soon afterward, Sophie disappears. Her ruthless father blackmails Emily into perpetrating a daring and dangerous charade; she must masquerade as the far from innocent Lady Emma and infiltrate the ton to find out what has happened to Sophie.

Emily has no choice but to become Lady Emma and she would be quite successful if it werent for Lord Blackmore. He suspects that she is really Emily Fairchild and sets out to unmask her.

What follows is part romp, part mystery and all romance as Lord Blackmore attempts to expose Emily and ends up falling in love. For her part Emily is attracted to Lord Blackmore, but knows there is no way for a country vicars daughter to aspire to marry a nobleman. But what will happen to their forbidden love when Lord Blackmore decides to abduct Emily? This delightful and charming romance is humorous, sweet, sexy and entertaining. Sabrina Jefferies paints the era with a fine hand and leaves readers satisfied. SENSUAL (Feb., 345 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin