Desolate nobleman Anthony Kennington's life turns around the night he rescues a bewitching gypsy from ruthless bandits. Honor demands that he bring the unconscious girl home to nurse her, even though he is about to attend a ball where he will choose a bride.

Sabrina awakens in a soft bed, cared for by a handsome nobleman and his kind sister. She knows her place, and it's not in Anthony's opulent world. Sabrina is determined to leave his home, no matter how ill she is or how much danger awaits her. But are the men who attacked her any more dangerous then the man who saved her life, awakened her heart and whose destiny is tied to hers?

Unknown to Anthony and Sabrina, the attack was not random. A powerful man intends to see Sabrina and the secret she carries buried. Only Anthony can save the woman he loves from peril, but he risks censure from his family and society.

There is nothing quite as exciting as finding a fresh, vibrant new voice, and Benedict has it! She creates many twists as her plot winds from ballrooms to gypsy camps, leading you and her characters on a thrilling, fast-paced and emotionally intense ride. SENSUAL (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin