Image of Forbidden Magic


Image of Forbidden Magic

Upon their parents deaths, Meg Gillingham and her siblings are in dire straits. She has a week to reply to Sir Arthur Jakes offer of help, which he will give if Megs younger sister Laura becomes his mistress.

Only one recourse is left to her: the wishing statue which she touches with trepidation. Meg can feel the power of the stone statue in her hands. She knows that what one wishes for comes with a penalty— one which she is willing to accept.

Meg accepts the offer of marriage from the Earl of Saxonhurst. Somewhat of an enigma, Sax is kind, gentle and thoughtful, though he has a penchant for breaking things when his temper is up. He also has an extreme dislike for the dower Duchess of Daingerfield, his grandmother.

Meg keeps the secret of the wishing stone to herself, for she is sure Sax will think her daft if she tells him about it. Is it the penalty of the provocative wishing stone or a human evil that accuses Meg of murder and has a go at trying to kill her and Sax?

FORBIDDEN MAGIC is a gem of a book—a little bawdy, a little magical, and written with a twinkling sense of humor that only Ms. Beverly is capable of. A keeper! SENSUAL (Nov., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammand