San Francisco resident and powerful witch Silver Ashcroft regularly offers her assistance to the local Paranormal Special Forces (PSF). A member of the D'Anu coven, Silver can trace her roots back to the Druids. Silver and the PSF have been trying to stop a group of Balorite warlocks, led by the evil Darkwolf, from carrying out blood sacrifices. However, it is not until Silver meets an otherworldly visitor that she learns of Darkwolf's plan.

Hawk of the Tuatha D'Danann has been sent by the Great Guardian of the Elves to warn of an impending plot to release the dreaded Formorii demons from their underworld prison. Unfortunately, except for Silver, who practices gray magic, her coven is unlikely to take the steps necessary to defeat the Formorii. With her back against the wall, Silver decides to heed the warning and summon the D'Danann warriors. Even with help, however, it may be too late: Darkwolf has succeeded in releasing the evil and is attempting to lure Silver to the dark side.

Wildly erotic and dangerously sensual, this explosive paranormal thriller sizzles. McCray erupts on the scene with one of the sexiest stories of the year. Her darkly dramatic world is one readers won't mind visiting again. (Dec., 440 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith