Image of Forbidden Places: A Novel


Image of Forbidden Places: A Novel

The length of Vincenzi’s latest epic novel allows her vivid descriptions and complicated plots to shine, but it also leads to slow pacing in this story of marriage, secrets, friendship and family. She does an excellent job of using the characters’ war experiences to explore the new roles women will take on in the post-war years.

Grace is a quiet young girl when she is swept into a marriage with the much more sophisticated Charles. His mother and sister are less than enthused with his choice, and Grace worries about Charles’ broken engagement to a more “suitable” woman who remains a close family friend. These problems are all forgotten as Britain enters World War II. The women, who form an uneasy friendship, are changed as much by the war years as their husbands are. Each is pushed to find a new path to love and happiness with the right man. (OVERLOOK, Oct., 512 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison