Emily Shanski, aka Emilie Shann, has been informed that if she's to continue writing for Stratford Publishing, she needs to add hot, steamy sex to her stories. And if that's not enough, her longtime editor has retired, and her new boss is the sinfully handsome Michael Devlin, who makes her eager to learn all she can from him.

Emily always relied on the women-only secret fantasy site the Channel, but now her sensual nature is about to be awakened by Mick as he helps her write her next novel. Then he's going walk away. But Emily is not what he expects, so walking away is not an option. Will he tell this amazing woman that he loves her?

Small is the queen of steamy romance, and this sequel to Private Pleasures is a truly entertaining fantasy that delivers. Mick is both strong and sensitive -- a perfect match for Emily -- and these larger-than-life characters sizzle. Fans of erotic romance will not want to miss Emily's sexual awakening. (Jul., 272 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers