Image of The Forbidden Queen


Image of The Forbidden Queen

O’Brien spins the details of Katherine de Valois’ life into a thrilling, captiv-ating and romantic saga with vivid descriptions that will transport readers back in time. Katherine’s firsthand account paints a lively portrait of her life and loves. Many will be intrigued by O’Brien’s fascin- ating heroine and look forward to her other novels.

Katherine is a princess of France, but her power-hungry mother considers her so much a prize that she is kept a prisoner until she can be married to England’s Henry V. Naïve Katherine hopes to please her husband, but she is in for a rude awakening and must learn to become a stronger woman and queen. When she is widowed at the age of 21, Katherine is once more a political pawn. She has the opportunity to marry for power or love and, in following her heart, Katherine will found the most powerful dynasty Europe has ever known. (MIRA, Feb., 400 pp., $14.95)

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Kathe Robin