Image of Forbidden Temptation (Kimani Romance)


Image of Forbidden Temptation (Kimani Romance)
In Forbidden Temptation (3), the final Lockhart sisters installment, Ruby, the oldest, gets her man. Gwynne Forster has the daunting task of wrapping up this series, and for the most part, she's successful. After the death of their parents, Ruby cared for her sisters, a task she's still performing. But during the holidays the always responsible Ruby shocks not only her family but the man who has loved her since childhood. During his military stint, Luther Biggens lost his foot and, seemingly, his self-confidence. Believing Ruby wouldn't accept his prosthesis, he continues to play the role of "big brother," until she forces him to see otherwise. Constant conflict and family drama ensue as they learn to deal with their differences and feelings to forge a romantic relationship.
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Debbie R. Sims