Tyler Farrell can't believe that the 10-year-old girl he remembers from trips to visit his best friend's family has grown into the incredibly sexy woman standing in his office. When Angelina Coleman comes to visit her brother, she has an ulterior motive: She needs a job, and working at the company her brother and his partner own seems like a perfect fit. All she needs to do now is convince one of them she's up to the challenge. The chemistry between Ty and Angelina is instant and powerful, yet Angelina keeps her wits about her enough to pump Ty for information whenever she gets a chance. Will her deception cost her Ty's love in the end? Shawna Delacorte's In Forbidden Territory (2) is filled with long, weighty narratives broken up by dialogue that feels stiff and overly formal.
Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck